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Dario Prandi

Researcher in control theory and biomimetic image processing.

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Highly corrupted image inpainting through hypoelliptic diffusion

Ugo Boscain, Roman Chertovskih, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Dario Prandi, and Alexey Remizov

Abstract: We present a new biomimetic image inpainting algorithm, the Averaging and Hypoelliptic Evolution (AHE) algorithm, inspiredby the one presented in Boscain et al. (SIAM J. Imaging Sci. 7(2):669–695, 2014) and based upon a semi-discrete variationof the Citti–Petitot–Sarti model of the primary visual cortex V1. The AHE algorithm is based on a suitable combination ofsub-Riemannian hypoelliptic diffusion and ad hoc local averaging techniques. In particular, we focus on highly corruptedimages (i.e., where more than the 80% of the image is missing), for which we obtain high-quality reconstructions.